About Us

We partner with premium brands (primarily apparel) to drive international expansion with a primary focus on the US market.  We track market trends and consumer demands to identify what products and brands would be most compelling to introduce to the US.  After identification, we approach the company to assess potential fit on various levels.  Once there is interest on both sides and we have agreed to work together, we develop and lead the US market entry, building the business and then running the in-country operations after launch.  In parallel, we look to further enhance the company in preparation for US entry and thereafter.  In this way, we “partner” with brands to drive “growth”, which is the genesis of our company name, “Partners Growth”.  Moreover, we look to invest equity in some of the brands we work with to further bolster and deepen the relationship.  You can think of us like a premium brand accelerator. 

What we offer

In its simplest form, we offer US market access for growth using our ‘best-in-class’ platform, in addition to guidance around further enhancing the business and equity capital over time.  Under special circumstances, we partner with brands to drive international expansion beyond the US.  Our emphasis is always on building enduring brands that honor each brand’s heritage and aspirations.  We never compromise on our commitment to driving long-term results.

Brands we like

We select the brands we believe have attractive and strong potential in the US market.  Proven traction in the brand’s home market/region is a pre-requisite combined with discernable product differentiation that is significantly valued by consumers.  High professional standards upheld by the brand / parent company are also important.  We have a ‘sweet spot’ for brands that incorporate both fashion and function. 

How we work

We tailor each partnership to meet the company’s / brand’s unique situation, whether a privately-held family corporation or a private equity-backed portfolio company.  Each situation is different and so to is our partnership arrangement.

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